AML – PMIF Integration: Performance Modeling in Industrial Automation

Integrating Performance Modeling in Industrial Automation through AutomationML and PMIF

Data exchange is a critical issue within the multidisciplinary engineering process of cyber physical production systems (CPPS).
AutomationML (AML) is an emerging standard in the automation domain to represent and exchange artifacts between heterogeneous engineering tools used in different domains, such as mechanical, electrical, and software engineering. However, the interoperability of different exchange standards may be needed in order to integrate even further tools in current tool chains. For instance, the Performance Model Interchange Format (PMIF) is a common representation devised in the performance engineering domain for model-based system performance analysis and simulation based on Queueing Network Models (QNM). Of course, such aspects are also of particular interest when designing a CPPS.
This paper investigates, with the help of a case study, the combination of AML and PMIF as an enabling step towards an early performance validation of CPPS. By this, we close the current gap between CPPS engineering and performance engineering standards.



Integration Methodologies

AML Native: PPU CAEX file that contains a URL link via a PMIF External Data Connector External Interface to the PPU PMIF file

Linking Model: PMIF- CAEX Linker (Eclipse Project)

ATL Transformation: AML2PMIF 

Additional Resources

Pick and Place Unit Case Study (by Technische Universität München)

Eclipse and Integration Projects Setup User Guide

ePMIF Ecore Metamodel (Eclipse Project)

xQNM Tool based on ePMIF (Atenea GISUM GISUM es el Grupo de Ingeniería de Software de la Universidad de Málaga, Spain)

WEASEL (Web sErvice for Analyzing queueing networkS with multiplE soLvers) (Software Engineering and Architecture Quality Group, DISIM, University of L’Aquila) Italy)