Model-driven System Engineering for CPPS


To engineer large, complex, and interdisciplinary systems, modeling is considered as the universal technique to understand and simplify reality through abstraction, and thus, models are in the center as the most important artifacts throughout interdisciplinary activities within model-driven engineering processes.
Model-driven System Engineering (MDSE) is a system engineering method that promotes the systematic adoption of models throughout the engineering process by identifying the proper concepts, languages, techniques, tools as well as their integration.
This chapter discusses advantages and current challenges towards the adoption of model-driven approaches in cyber-physical production system (CPPS) engineering. In particular, we discuss how modeling standards, modeling languages, and model transformations are employed to support current system engineering processes in the CPPS domain, and we show their integration and application by-example based on a case study.




The archive contains the following artefacts:

AML folder with:

  • iaf_plant.aml is the AML model of the IAF Plant. This model is extended with UML MARTE and PMIF semantics layers for the sake of SysML – PMIF end-to-end integration via AML.
  • marte_semantics_layer.aml defines the MARTE semantics layer for AML models. It includes a MARTE Role Class Library and a MARTE Interface Class Lib. The mapping of OMG UML MARTE metamodel/profile to the MARTE Role Class Library is an ongoing work.
  • pmif_semantics_layer.aml defines the PMIF semantics layer for AML models. It includes a PMIF Role Class Library and a PMIF Interface Class Lib. The mapping of the PMIF metamodel to the PMIF Role Class Library is an ongoing work.


SysML folder with:

  • IAFPlant.mdzip is a SysML model of the IAF Plant created with MagicDraw UML 18.3.
  • AML4SysML.mdzip is the profile applicable to SysML model to map AML modeling concepts to UML/SyML ones. The mapping is still incomplete. Further information can be found here.
  • EclipseUML_export contains the IAFPlant SysML model exported by MagicDraw 18.3 in Eclipse UML 2.5.

QNM folder with:

  • jmt/qn.jsimg is a QN model of the IAF Plant created with the JMT QN Modeling and Solver tool used in the paper to carry out an early performance analysis of the IAF Plant.
  • is an Eclipse Project that can be opened with xQNM tool, a PMIF-compliant QN modeling tool