QVT Relations code generator


QVT Relations is a declarative model transformation language part of the QVT standard of the OMG. A QVT Relations model transformation consists of a set of declarative relations among metamodels, which can be used both for checking that two existing models correctly comply with these relations, and for transforming an input model into an output model so that the relations are satisfied.

However, there are very few implementations of QVT Relations, and in particular no efficient implementation for the Enterprise Architect modeling environment.

Work in progress

To cope with this situation, we propose to rely on code generation to automatically generate a C♯ implementation of a QVT Relations model defined using Enterprise Architect. At runtime, the generated C♯ program takes as an input a model imported from Enterprise Architect, and produces the output model, which is then injected back into the Enterprise Architect project.

QVT relations code generation


Erwan Bousse : erwan.bousse <something> tuwien.ac.at